Tom Davis Dunn


Originally from Cornwall, Tom begun to nourish his passion for dance at a young age with Hip-hop and Break Dance classes.

In 2017 he completed a BPA degree course at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, where he particularly enjoyed working with choreographers Kerry Nicholls and Hannes Langolf. Preceding this experience Tom studied for one year at Chichester University.

Tom is an organic mover with a great understanding of the body in space and the environment he is in. Exploring the merging of the hip-hop vocabulary with the different contemporary styles, is one the main interests in Tom’s practice. Due to his previous experiences in break dancing training, versatility and an extensive dedication and commitment are at the core of his work.

Since graduating Tom has worked with Gary Clarke Company, Jamaal Burkmar Dance, performed at the TEDxBrum, and he is joining Rosie Kay Dance Company to perform in New York and Washington DC.