Susanne Thomas


Susanne is a German born choreographer and director, currently based in Leeds. Her wealth of choreographic work has been presented in both indoor and outdoor sites in the UK and worldwide, with venues ranging from theatres and museums, department stores and railway stations to the Royal Opera House and the National Theatre. Her company Seven Sisters Group has been at the vanguard of site-specific and immersive performance since the early 90s.

Susanne’s UK-based career began 26-years ago with a scholarship to study at London Contemporary Dance School, upon which she quickly became an established artist in London before moving North four years ago. She is co-artistic director of Seven Sisters Group, together with designer Sophie Jump. Their projects focus on communicating contemporary issues through new and idiosyncratic works that defy labelling. Evolving with advancements in hand-held technology, Seven Sisters Group has led the way in morphing virtual reality and site-specific performance. Recent projects incorporating these innovative approaches have drawn great acclaim, with ‘Like a Fish Out Of Water’, winning the “Gold Award for Exceptional Achievement Across All Categories” at World Stage Design 2013.