Danilo Moroni


Danilo Moroni (ITA, 1987) is a Sicilian born artist.

He earned a degree in arts and dance and as a professional dancer worked, touring internationally, for companies and choreographers such as Grand Theatre de Genève, Alias Guilherme Bothelo, Alexander Ekman, Hofesh Shechter. Danilo grew up in a photographer’s family. He first picked up a film camera at the age of eight when he started photographing around the Sicilian streets. During his trips performing around the world he continued taking pictures as a way to connect and discover new places and people. 

After starting his own photographic practice from scratch, four years ago, with no formal training, he has developed into a photographer with his own style and vision appreciated by clients around Europe. 

Danilo’s work ranges photography, film making, light designing and performance making.

His work is creative, visceral and with a unique style. In his imagery, he combines classical elements with an artistic personal touch. Danilo has a strong preference for classic subjects, such as as portraits, nudes and dance and he often combines those with influences from performing arts and cinema to create striking images with a strong storytelling element.

In 2015 he started working with Matthew’s Bourne New Adventures & Re:Bourne for whom he has been producing all imagery and campaigns of its New Adventures Choreographer Award. In 2017 Danilo starts collaborating with English National Ballet for Dance Journeys creating a series of images and short films screened at Sadler's Wells Theatre the iconic venue for dance in London. 

In April 2017 he started to co-direct a new visual dance piece about dyslexia called Mentally Zero in collaboration with Kate Mummery (funded by Arts Council of England).

In January 2018 Danilo self-published Interferencias (chapter I), a new fine-art book connecting the raw universe of the human body and movement with the concept of time and a strong anthropological element.

In 2019 Danilo joins MFAC studio in Madrid where he is now resident artist. Inside MFAC studio he establishs Danilo Moroni Studio where he creates images and videos ranging from portraits, corporate, fashion and performing arts for clients from around Europe.