Joshua Hughes-Games


Joshua Hughes-Games is a designer, videographer and printer based in Bristol, UK.

Joshua’s work is largely based around print, videography and artistic direction with a strong focus on analogue techniques and labour intensive design practices, including screen printing, Risograph and experimental filmmaking. Josh has worked closely with a wide range of artists within the fields of dance, theatre and music to create videos, installation pieces, printed matter and concept development.

In recent years Josh has worked with, and designed for, an impressive cross section of talent including projects for artists in the blossoming Tokyo grime scene and his continuing art direction and design for the internationally renowned Bandulu Records. He spent a large portion of 2016 working from a range of artist residencies around the world including time spent at the Né Na Contemporary art space (Thailand), The AIRYamanashi (Japan), 100W Corsicana (Texas, USA) and a solo show of work in Tokyo.