Encounter One | I find you in me, you find me in you | Film

Encounter One — ‘I find you in me, you find me in you’

A duet with myself. A dilemma to follow, lead or co-exist within a world where boundaries shift and change - “fitting in a box” becoming increasingly redundant. Can I allow myself to let boundary lines blur while being within myself and accept compromise as part of co-existence?

This project was made possible thanks to the initial support in our crowdfunding campaign through which we received funds from over 80 different backers. We are highly grateful for the support!

Concept & Direction: Gianluca Vincentini

Created with and performed by Amarnah Amuludun, Stefania Pinato

Music: Otis Jones

Lighting: Luke Haywood

Drawing: Ben Skinner

Costume: Valentina Golfieri

Film and edit: Joshua Hughes-Games for MFMfilms

FilmGianluca Vincentini