Time Moves Slow

Much like a surfer riding a wave, these 4 dancers respond and react to the sounds of this, Jazz, HipHop and Funk inspired band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The dancers will endeavour to bring the sound alive and present it to the audience as a visual experience as much as it is of course a sonic one. Risk, Excitement, Grace and Power are all showcased in trying to maintain such a precise and specific relationship between movement and music.

Concept and Direction: Jamaal Burkmar  

Co-creators and Performers: Robert Anderson, Ana Fernández Melero, Stefania Pinato and Iolanda Portogallo.

Lighting: Luke Haywood 

Costumes: Valentina Golfieri

Duration: 30 min

Funded by Arts Council England

Supported by Leeds Dance Partnership, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Yorkshire Dance, Leeds City College, Phoenix Dance Theatre, Kala Sangam, Instituto Italiano di Cultura Londra, The Civic, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, York Dance Space, Moving Art Management and Sadler’s Wells.