Audition Notice

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Gianluca Vincentini is seeking applications for Möbius Dance’s new project from 2 female choreographers and 3 dancers (male and female) dancers based in the North of England.

About the Project: Möbius Dance is a new Leeds-based contemporary dance company specialising in innovative choreographic work, curation and professional development. This project, in partnership with key organisations will launch and establish Möbius Dance (MD), nurture talent and promote female choreographers and early career artists. 

This project will:

  • Commission 2 female choreographers (based in the North of England) to create work on the MD Company.

  • Engage 3 early career North-based performers to work professionally with MD on a range of activities including performances, classes and workshops whilst supporting them with sessions of mentoring for their professional development.

Head to our Opportunities page for more information!

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